About BoomBoom Television

BoomBoom Television is the closest thing to having your own TV Channel.

You aren’t just a viewer. You’ll soon discover that you are an integral part of the programming. BoomBoom Television is the first-ever ‘Disruptor’ to emerge in Global Entertainment Television. For television and all other online platforms, we are in the process of bringing seismic change to the way that entertainment content is delivered.

In recent years, there have been two groundbreaking innovations in the field of television sports. The first and currently best known innovation is E-Sports, which generated just under one Billion Dollars in revenue in 2016. However, the second major innovation in Global Television Sports is ‘Derivative Sports’. BoomBoom Television is entirely responsible for creating the genre and all the intellectual property that supports ‘Derivative Sports’. Ultimately, Derivative Sports is going to be bigger and vastly superior to E-Sports because Derivative Sports is based on traditional sports,ie, real sports that just about everyone can actually play.

We are creating entertainment television for the digital age, ie, exciting and innovative TV-Entertainment delivered in bite-size/byte-sized packages. We are the most innovative TV outfit in the World. BoomBoom Television has the biggest portfolio of fresh, new and innovative TV Entertainment shows on the planet.

BoomBoom Television is custodian to the best and most exciting TV Gameshows in the World. Due to resource constraints, we won’t be in a position to develop and show you all that we have, but gradually, gradually we will open-up our creatively-rich box of tricks to the World.

BoomBoom Television is work in progress. Keep watching this space. You’ll eventually be blown away.

Feel Good Movee

Feel Good Movee! Be a part of it. What makes you tick? Whatever makes you tick.Share it with the rest of the World. Let the whole World know what makes you happy. In as little as 15 – 20 seconds, please tell us about your favorite things.

Introduce yourself and tell us a few of your favorite things. End your message by asking your viewers, what are your favorite things? For inspiration, please click on Chelle’s example video attached.
Please, send your 20-second video to info@boomboomtelevision.tv Every video will be published on our new online Channel BoomBoom Television1.

We ultimately hope to have as many as a million videos, though there are no limits. Every video we receive will be published online. Your video will become a brick in the wall of happiness that the Feel Good Movee hopes to create.

It’s a bit of fun, but fun with a purpose. Remembering your favorite things, will take you to a very happy place in your life. When other viewers see you, they’re immediately transported to a happy place or happy times in their lives.

Feel Good Movee is universal therapy. Spread the happiness. Give off happy vibes and receive happy vibes in return.

With Feel Good Movee, you write your own script, you play your own part. It’s the most fun that you can have in 20 seconds

How to take part ;

Everyone has their favourite things, the things that make you happy. It could be food, your home, your garden, your family, your friends, your car, your bike, places that you visit, anything, whatever makes you happy, just name it.

  • Read them out like a poem or rhyme. Don’t sing it. Just speak it in your own style of speaking. Keep it short. You know that you have only 20 seconds to deliver your message.
  • End your message by saying the following words; ‘These are my favorite things. What are your favorite things? Send your videos to info@boomboomtelevision.tv
  • You must keep it clean. BoomBoom Television is a Family-friendly Channel so children and older people will be watching.

Terms & Conditions : Before Sending us your video, you must accept or agree with the following statement.

By deciding to take part in the ‘Sound of Happy’ Project, which requires you to make and forward to BoomBoom Television a short 30-second or 1-Minute video, you consequently grant to BoomBoom Television Limited the unrestricted right to use, produce, publish and copyright your image in whole or in part in any media now or hereafter known for any lawful purpose, without payment or compensation due to you. Consequently, you voluntarily release BoomBoom Television Limited from any liability that arises due to the use of your image. We reserve the right to reject offensive or grossly indecent materials or imagery.

Warning: If you take part in the ‘Sound of Happy’ Project, it means that you agree to the above Conditions of Entry. Thanks.


Light Entertainment Portfolio

    • Popup Teevee
    • Scam Patrol
    • You’ll Never Get To Heaven
    • Can U Kick It?
    • Justice With Judge Veek
    • Fashion 101
    • The Magic Kitchen

Derivative Sports Portfolio

    • Kick Basketball
    • ShootOut Football

Game Show Portfolio

    • Bankrupt
    • TKO
    • Stock Exchange
    • Harvest
    • The Bridge


  • For The Love of Baby James
  • D-Junction
Coming Soon ‘D-Junction’ – A Groundbreaking Documentary about Depression and mental Illness.

Youth TV

Youth TV – Zaak101 World’s Youngest Secret Agent

Our Youth Programming centres around a cartoon series titled Zaak101 The Adventures of the World’s Youngest Secret Agent.

Watch this page.


Send Videos for ‘Feel Good Movee’ to – info@boomboomtelevision.tv

Enquiries about Children & Youth Programmes to – zak@boomboomtelevision.tv

General Enquiries to – info@boomboomtelevision.tv

You can also contact us by using the form below: